4 Tips For Creating a Stunning Christmas Table Design

Christmas table

Catering for a Christmas meal this year? While the food is the main event, a stunning Christmas table design will provide the perfect festive atmosphere for your guests. Read on to learn how to create a gorgeous tabletop that your guests will love.

1.      Learn about your client (and their dining room)

Make a point of finding out the measurements of the table. This way, you’ll know how much space you’ve got to work with, and what size table dressings to buy. If possible, ask for the names of all the guests you will be serving so you can create place cards later.

When designing a table layout for your client, it’s also a good idea to learn in advance what sort of décor they have in their dining room. Find out what colour scheme their Christmas decorations have, and if they have a theme, so you can guarantee that your choice of table decorations won’t clash.

2.      Shop for matching table dressings

To really impress, you’ll need more than the usual cutlery and plates. Make sure you have a tablecloth, placemats and coasters, napkins and napkin rings, and a table runner. The colours and styles must complement one another, so it’s a good idea to shop for these at the same time so you can see what will work. Ensure that the tablecloth is the correct size for your client’s dining table, and that all the dressings will fit comfortably when arranged.

If you’re in doubt about which colour scheme to use, or won’t get a chance to find out your guest’s preferences, then a crisp white tablecloth will look good in any dining room. Accessorise it with simple silver or gold table dressings. For a personal touch, try creating some place cards: write out the names of your guests using a calligraphy pen on squares of metallic paper, then fold in half and display next to each place setting. If you’re new to calligraphy, this guide to basic techniques for creating place cards on The Postman’s Knock is a great place to start.

3.      Create a show-stopping centrepiece

Christmas dinner table

No Christmas dinner table would be complete without a decorative centrepiece. While you can buy ready-made centrepieces and floral arrangements, it’s simple enough to create one from scratch.

To make a centrepiece that will suit most homes, buy a Christmas wreath made of a traditional plant like holly, ivy or pine, and add a little shimmer to the leaves using a glitter spray. Next, glue in a few Christmassy decorations — try baubles, ribbons, or pinecones. Then place a large candle in the centre of the wreath, and display at the centre of the dining table. If you need some more inspiration, check out these ideas for festive showstoppers on Better Homes and Gardens.

1.      Add some fun touches

Christmas is time of excess, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add some fun or quirky accents to the table. Sprinkle some sparkly confetti across the table, or try scattering a few baubles, bells and pinecones around your place settings for a fun, laid-back feel.

It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without crackers, so make sure that every guest has one at their place setting. If you’re hosting a particularly large dinner party, or catering for multiple meals across the season, you can save time and money by ordering crackers in bulk. Alliance Online has a selection of crackers in classic festive colours which should suit most design schemes, and there are matching accessories like napkins available.

Providing a festive tabletop design is the perfect way to create a celebratory atmosphere at the dining table. Just keep these tips in mind when planning your layout, and your guests are sure to have a magical Christmas meal.