Personal Private Chef Hire for Oxford area in Oxfordshire

Personal Standard of Quality

Impress your family and friends and let charismatic, talented and highly qualified chef prepare meals just for you and your guests in mind.

Feel free to pick out any dish over another. It certainly helps folks who have food intolerances.
I offer private catering (not to be confused with regular caterers who supply the same boring menu to all functions) I provide personalized gourmet food, careered to your exact preferences.
My service makes easy for you to hire a personal chef for just about any occasion.
With your input, the menu will be designed with local and seasonal ingredients purchased fresh from high quality suppliers.
All planning, shopping, preparing, and serving is done for you, allowing you to freely celebrate and embrace every moment with your lovely family and guests.
It’s a real treat to interact with chef, see chef in action and witness delicious restaurant-style meals been created right in front of your and your family/guests eyes.

The most popular services offered for Oxford in Oxfordshire area are:
– Charcoal BBQ’s
– Cocktail Parties
– Christmas Parties
– Cooking Lessons
– Wedding Private Catering
– Personal and Private Chefs Hire
– Bartenders and Butlers Hire
– Personalised Private Dinner Parties
– Birthday Party Catering

I look forward to becoming a personal chef for the day/night for you very much.
When you call I might be rolling my poor bones, so if I can’t pick up the phone, please drop me a quick email with the date, to check my availability, and basic info about your dreamed dinner party requirements.

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