Sample Menus

Choose the Menu of Your Dreams for Your Next Event with Lucian’s K. Aldritch Personal Chef Service.

To trigger off your inspiration have a look at the Sit-down Dinner/Buffet and Finger Buffet menu items.
Lucian showcased only a sample of his culinary delights in these menus, so don’t be afraid to ask Chef Lucian to design a unique menu just for you. You’ll be delighted with the possibilities.
Enjoy your culinary trip and we look forward to hearing from your with your food preferences.

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Summer Sizzling

BBQ Menu

– Corn Fed Chicken Fillets marinated in Hazelnuts Dukkah Spices
– Lamb Cutlets coated in Middle Eastern Spices
– Eastern European Home Made Smoked Sausages
– Salmon with Salted Capers, Anchovies and Tarragon Sauce
– Sweet Corn, Baby Courgettes, Aubergines, Asparagus and Halloumi Cheese
– Bulgur Salad with Roast Skinless Red Peppers and Basil
– Young Root Vegetables and Garden Peas Salad with Saffron Egg Mayonnaise
– Cherry Plum Tomatoes, Bunched Radish and Chives Salad
– Rustic Slowly Fermented Breads
– Tomato and Apple Ketchup, Deli Mustard, BBQ Sauce
– Tropical Fruits Salad (Mango, Papaya, Clementines, Pineapple, Flat Peaches and Kiwi Fruits)

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On Sticks and in Shot Glasses

Finger Buffet Desserts

Desserts on a stick/skewer:

– Chocolate and Dark Rum Truffles
– Hazelnuts and Cashewnuts Butter Cocoa Truffles
– Cherry Almond Cheesecake on a Stick
– Milk Chocolate Mini Roll, Strawberries and Florentines Biscuits Dessert Kabobs
– Madeleine, Blackberries and Marshmallows Skewers
– Financier (Almond Cake), Blueberries and Medjool Dates Skewers
– Dark Chocolate Wafer Cakes with Salted Caramel Florentines and Clementines Skewers

Served in shot glasses or mini cocktail/cherry glasses:

– Blackberry and Mint Brownie Parfaits
– Key Lime Cooler and Tamarind Sauce Dessert Shooters
– White Chocolate and Peppermint Mousse with Strawberries Cheesecake
– Vanilla and Coconut Panna Cotta with Pomegranate Jelly
– Lemon Curd, Ladyfinger Cookies, Lightly Whipped Cream Garnish
– Tiramisu with Reduced Marsala Wine, Cocoa Liqueur and Sweet Cherries Relish
– Morello Cherry Meringue Parfaits
– Banana, Blueberry and White Chocolate Cream Parfaits
– Raspberry and Chia Seed Superfood Parfait with Cherry or Lychee Compote
– Passion Fruit Cheesecake and Sesame Halva
– Roasted Peaches With Mascarpone Cream and Fresh Mint
– Pears Poached with Cinnamon Bark and Star Aniseed with Chocolate Sauce
– Vanilla Sponge, Brownies and Red Currants Trifle
– Mini Pecan Nuts Brownie Sundaes
– Pound-Cake Croutons with Baileys Cream, Whipped Vanilla Cream and Raspberries Coulis
– Maple Cinnamon Oats and Vanilla Greek Yogurt Parfaits with Chocolate Chips
– Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo and Marshmallows Parfaits
– Raspberry Mocha Mudslide Parfaits
– Mango Mousse, Pistachio Halva and Salted Caramel
– Apple Pie Crumble with Whipped Vanilla Cream and Brazilian Nuts Butter
– Blood Orange Cheesecake Mousse Trifles with Roast Sesame Seeds
– Shot Glasses Layered with Custard and Chocolate Mousse, flavored with Amarula Cream Liqueur and Seasonal Berries
– Florentine Salted Caramel Biscuit and Meringues in Berries Mousse
– Canelé (Vanilla Sponge soaked in Dark Rum and Cointreau) with Mixed Diced Fruits (Kiwi, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and Clementines)

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Happy Days

Christmas Day Menu

– King Prawns Pan-fried with Olive Oil, Garlic, Red Chili and Parsley, served with Artisan Bread
A fabulous alternative to the above starters
– Wild Seafood Soup with King Prawns and Scallops flavoured with Cherry Plum Tomatoes Sauce and Zesty Spices, served with Rustic Bread and Butter
– Minestrone Soup made out of Vegetables Consommé with Young Root Vegetables and Flageolet Beans, flavoured with Cherry Plum Tomatoes Sauce, Fresh Oregano and Parsley, served with Rustic Bread and Butter
Palate Refresher:
– Black Currant (or Morello Cherry), Lime and Mint Sorbet
Main Course:
– Traditional Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing
– Roast Irish Ribeye Beef marinated in Lemon Thyme
– Roast Baby Potatoes with Rosemary
– Roast Parsnips Glazed with Honey and Mustard
– Young Vegetables with Butter and Fresh Herbs
– Brussels Sprouts cooked with Shallots/Leeks, Cured and Smoked Boneless Spare Ribs
– Roast Home-made Mini Sausage
– Red Wine Gravy
– Cranberry Relish Cooked with Star Anise and Cinnamon Bark
– Christmas Trifle with Roast Chopped Nuts, Raspberries Coulis, Cocoa Liqueur, Homemade Vanilla Ice Creams, Black Cherries Relish and Seasonal Fruits/Berries
– Traditional Matured Christmas Pudding with Brandy Custard


Big Day

Wedding Menu

– Fine Green Salad with Roast Skinless Red Peppers, Pan-fried Spinach with Shallots, Roast Smoked off-the Bone Ribs (Pan-fried Halloumi Cheese for the vegetables lovers) and Cherry Vinegar Dressing, served with Rustic Bread and Butter
Main Courses:
– Whole Roast Poussin (Spring Chicken), Crushed New Potatoes with Olive Oil and Chives, Young Vegetables with Butter and Fresh Herbs, Red Wine Sauce
– Moroccan Style Spaghetti Vegetables in Filo Pastry, Crushed New Potatoes with Olive Oil and Chives, Young Vegetables with Butter and Fresh Herbs, Cherry Tomatoes and Tahini Paste Sauce (V)
– Almonds Frangipane Pear Tarts Glazed with Maple Syrup, Raspberries Coulis, Madagascar Vanilla Whipped Cream and Seasonal Berries

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Big Day

Wedding Menu II

– Pan-fried Barbary Duck with Chinese Sauce- Soy Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Honey, Red Chili, Coriander and Spring Onions
– Homemade Smoked Sausages with Mustard and Salted Cucumbers
– King Prawns pan-fried with Olive Oil, Garlic, Red Chili and Parsley
– Salad Nicoise with Smoked Sea Trout, Quail Eggs, Extra Fine Green Beans, Cherry Plum Tomatoes, Baby New Potatoes and Mustard Dressing, served with Rustic Bread and Butter
– Wild Mushrooms Cappuccino
Main Courses:
– Grass-fed Ribeye Beef marinated with Lemon Thyme, Roast Sliced Potatoes with Fennel, Baby Artichokes, Young Vegetables with Butter and Fresh Herbs, Red Wine Gravy
– Chili and Lemongrass Chocolate Tart, Homemade Mango Ice Creams, Sweet Cherries Relish and Seasonal Berries/Currants/Fruits

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No one will refuse doing any business with you after THAT dinner

Business Catering

Seafood Bisque with King Prawns, Scallops and Halibut, flavoured with Cherry Tomatoes Sauce and Roast Zesty Spices, served with Rustic Bread and Butter

Palate Refresher:
– Black Currants, Lime and Mint Sorbet
(These sorbets also work well: Morello Cherry, Cranberries, Red Currants, Pomegranate, Lime/Lemon Sorbet (with a shot of vodka, so called The Colonel), Apple Sorbet with a shot of Calvados)

Mains Course:
Welsh Fillet of Lamb marinated in Garlic and Rosemary, Roast Sliced Potatoes with Fennel and Dill, Sauteed Baby Artichokes, Young Vegetables with Butter and Fresh Herbs, Wild Mushrooms Sauce

Cocoa Liqueur and Reduced Marsala Wine Tiramisu, Homemade Vanilla and Roast Walnuts Ice Creams, Black Cherries Relish and Seasonal Berries/Currants/Fruits

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Asian’s Best

Fusion Menu Ideas

Crispy duck salad with pomelo, pine nut and shallot and chilli garlic sauce
Duck & watermelon crispy duck, watermelon, cashew nuts, mint, Thai basil
Chanterelle mushroom with lily bulb and almond
Green papaya, crispy tofu, pomegranate somtam, roasted cashew nuts
Succulent chicken skewers served with chunky peanut satay sauce served with zippy Thai mango & chilli relish.
Silky smooth black cod marinated with spicy miso. Served with pickled ginger stem & juicy lime
Black truffle roast duck with tea plant mushroom with gai lan, lily bulb and macadamia nut
Prawn spring roll coated in white sesame seeds, with a tomato salsa
Cherry Tomatoes marinated in ginger, chilli and shallots crowned with an avocado flower
Baked fresh shiitake, potato edamame dumpling, Szechuan peppercorn sauce, toasted pine nuts
Vegetarian spring roll
Main Courses
Pan-fried red snapper, Malaysian sambal sauce, squid ink linguine
Giant prawns red Thai curry, rum and coconut cream | crispy bok choy and boniato chips
Thailand’s famous green chicken curry with red peppers, aubergines, bamboo shoots and sweet basil
Creamy coconut curry with butternut squash, and selected fresh seasonal vegetables, garnished with sprigs of coriander, red chilli & crispy shallots
Gently fried aubergine in a more-ish hot & spicy sauce, with pinyin
Stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb
Monk’s vegetables in taro dome with lily flower, water chestnut, black fungus and lotus root
Stir-fry in Szechuan sauce with Thai asparagus, yam bean, shimeji mushroom and Morinaga tofu
Broad rice noodle sautéed with chili sweet soy sauce, basil, tomato, pepper, onion, bean sprouts and lime juice
Coconut rice
Bok choy with toasted garlic
Indian pancakes
Yuca mojo fries
Green tea and pistachio parfait
Chocolate and chilli cheese cake
Tamarind sorbet and mango ice-creams

Eat to the beat

Healthy Meal Plan/Sample Menu For Weight Loss

Roast Pork Fillet with Sweetheart Cabbage, Shallots and Smoked Bacon
Veal Stew with Leeks, Shiitake Mushrooms and Flat Parsley; Crunchy Broccoli Florets
Minced Chicken Tights Cakes with Coriander, Ginger, Lemongrass and Garlic; Cauliflower and Chive Broth
Grilled Ribeye Beef with Gravy Sauce and Bulgur Wheat with Skinless Roast Red Pepper and Basil
Dover Sole (or Turbot) with Young Vegetables, Butter and Fresh Herbs
Cod Fillet with Parsley Pesto, Kale & Spinach fried with Shallots and a hint of Cream
King Prawns and Bean Sprouts in Zesty Tomatoes Sauce
Moroccan Style Vegetables in Filo Pastry with Tahini Paste
Scallops Broth with Root Vegetables and Fresh Herbs
Crab Meat with Corn Pasta with Olive Oil, Pecorino Romano Cheese and Cherry Plum Tomatoes
Side Dishes:
Sweet Potatoes roast with Lemon Thyme
Roast Squash marinated in Rosemary and Black Pepper
Pumpkins Puree with a hint of Cream and Dill
Roast Parsnip with Maple Syrup and Mustard
Quinoa Pilaf with Saffron
Celeriac and Carrots Mash
Grilled Aubergines and Baby Courgettes with Basil Pesto
Artichokes Hearts with Parmesan Cheese
Whole Oats Pan-cakes
Brown Basmati Rice cooked in Chicken Stock and a hint of Olive Oil

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