Restaurants Vs Hotels (why real chefs prefer to work for restaurants not for hotels)

Hospitality Industry offers a very exciting career to those who have the talent of tickling others taste buds. Generally, the top notch or the real chefs are recruited by the major hospitality giants as they become an asset to their brand. But, a real chef’s actual interest lies to work with a restaurant. There are a lot of reasons to support this statement.
Restaurants, being a hub that offers different cuisines for people belonging to different sections of the society is a big creative challenge for real chefs. They have to be competitive and creative enough to make something new for their guests and to present them differently. You have to understand the fact that the restaurant culture has spread wide, and thereby the competition to be the best of all prevails all over and with in all the chefs.

Working in restaurants is a very exhausting job as you have to be on your toes to offer the best that you can to the folks. To think out of the box, even with a stressful routine is again a challenge that real chefs accept to prove themselves as best.

The best thing about working with restaurants is that, you get to explore a lot of regional street food as well as the authentic recipes. This adds to your profile where you can master your contemporary culinary talent and add to it the common man’s taste.
Hotels, on the contrary emphasize more on the contemporary and authentic way of cooking. You get to interact only with a certain class of people who like to be served with extravagant authentic delicacies only. So, this at times might limit the creativity of real chefs. Most of the hotels’ kitchen are operational only on orders from guests. So, it might happen that you are at ease with your job there.
Hence, restaurants offer a better work package to chefs than hotels.