Thank you for all Yours support and making my wonderful life as personal chef possible. Bless you all.

Dear Lucian,
Thank you so much for a fantastic meal on Saturday and please pass on thanks to Pascal for being such an excellent wine waiter, photographer, etc etc. He has such a bubbly personality and was so attentive it was a pleasure to have him with us for the afternoon.Thank you does not really cover how grateful I am. Every one commented on how good the food was and the size of the pear tart is still a talking point.
I could not have imagined it to be any better than it was and I realise how hard both of you worked.I have already passed your contact details to some friends and I would not hesitate to call on you again for another function.
Should you need a referral, I would be happy to speak to potential customers for you. You are truly a wonderful chef and I am so grateful that you and Pascal made, what was an emotional day, an enjoyable one.
Kind regards,
Carla Finch

Hi Lucian…
Firstly I would like to thank you for the tremendous meal you cooked for my friends and I at Long’s Park Castle. We had a fabulous time there which was topped off by your amazing cooking, thank you.
I have had a look at your new website. Really liked the changes you have made.
I will be looking to use you again in the near future, just have to come up with a good excuse to do so.
Take care…

Hi Lucian
Would just like to thank you for a great evening on Saturday. The food was more than perfect as I am sure you could tell by all the plates being practically licked clean. We would very much like to do the same again some time so if it’s ok I’ll hang onto your e-mail address for future reference!
Once again thank you!!
Kim, Tony & guests

Just a quick note to say thanks for Saturday, we had a great evening and the food was delicious. It was quite an eye opener to see a proper skilled chef working in your own kitchen!
Since you left before the desserts, I’ve also been asked to pass on that the tiramisu was superb, as was the homemade ice cream.
Fee free to use these comments as a testimonial; I’d certainly use you again if the chance arises.
Best wishes,

I thought it would be worth dropping you a quick note to let you know how it all went. I have to say it was a resounding success and I was extremely impressed with the way that Nagoo handled the evening. He arrived early, but not too early, was set up in double quick time and then let me know what he had planned to do as well as the menu as a double check.
The food was absolutely exquisite with every course eagerly awaited by my guests. I was very very pleased with the quality of the ingredients as Nagoo mentioned you had sourced organically, which i am very keen on myself. Nagoo was extremely polite and very well organized, my vegetarian guest also complemented specifically on her meal so overall there is not a single thing that I would have changed.
Many thanks and I am sure we will be contacting you again in the future. I hope that your 32 person event went well.

Dear Lucian,
Many many thanks for making Roger’s 60th such a memorable occasion. It turned out to be exactly what he wanted-a small intimate dinner party with good friends and relatives centred around a meal consisting of all his favourite foods but how you transformed them into such wonderful flavours will be a talking point for quite some time!!
The “left-overs” were not left-overs for very long and had to be shared out to avoid war!! We are already looking forward to the next time.
Hope you got home without too much trouble and very best wishes,
Pauline Broughton

Hi Lucian
Only came back to work yesterday. Anyway, let me tell you the compliments kept poring in on the night, the following day and even yesterday!! Nagoo and his two men were brilliant. They certainly did you proud, the food was lovely, no hiccups at all (well if there was I never saw it). Canapes were beautiful but people did not want to ruin their meal by eating too much. The meal was served exactly as we wanted no big rush just a lovely lovely pace. People wanted to know where you got your meat from. So tender! I would add that a lovely touch was that on my dessert plate Nagoo decorated it with the 50 sparkles, I was really touched. I would have to say we would 100% use your services again, in fact, we are trying to think of a reason to do it all again, but a different occasion. Do not be surprised if you get a couple more bookings over the next few months on the back of this. So a huge huge thank you
Jackie Roberts

Sorry I did not email earlier in the week, but after pleasure must come work!! I had to write to thank you for the meals you prepared last Friday — The evening was absolutely stunning — Yourself and Jay where wonderful to have into our kitchen and home, The time and effort you spent preparing exactly what we had asked for (done in your own special way) was remarkable. I have never seen so many fresh ingredients transformed into such wonderful dishes, sauces, meals etc.. Our guests also loved their meals & I really appreciate the effort you made in ensuring they had their requirements catered for, to do this & the separate dishes for Jan & I was fantastic.
Next year is year number 25, so I must think if something new, but I really think it will involve you cooking!! I really wish you the best, you deserve loads of success and recognition, I would be so happy to recommend you to anyone you need, and I will give your details to people I know would appreciate your work. You traveled quite a long way to us and please pass our thanks to Jay; he was a real gentleman, and a nice addition to your fantastic service.

Dear chef,
I’ve got you e-mail address from my sister-in-law to whom you did the last week’s wedding party in Guildford. I’d like to ask you just one question. Where you been all my life? When she told me that they going to hire a personal chef for the wedding party, I imagined a plump cook who’s reheating some dodgy ready made products for guests. I had never seen anything like this. Superb quality food, well chosen menu, fine presentation- all from the hands of one man. Did you go to school for that? Can you do me a favour and contact me ASAP on my mobile- we’ve got some business to do.
Peter Deming

Beloved chef,
Guess what? I need you for next Saturday on the 25th. This time for about 16-18 people. Contact me to discuss that, please. I hate the idea of hiring a catering company or going to a restaurant. I’m still greatly thankful for the last month. It taught me something. It taught me that when you change the way you look at thinks, the things you look at change. Thanks to you I’d say that: “Whereas ones I was blind, now I can see”.
I don’t put any more that crap I used to into my body. And believe it or not now I feel like born again. When I go to a supermarket I know what not to buy. Thanks for helping me understand how to acquire taste for proper food and make it cooking easy. May the force be with you.
Ps. Can I please ask you for the recipe of that banana dessert you made for us last time, do remember to bring it for me.

Hi Lucian,
Sorry I missed saying goodbye to you on Saturday. I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put in for our wedding reception on Saturday. We received lots of complements about the food from people and even my dad, who isn’t very adventurous with his food (typical Englishman) absolutely loved it so thanks for helping to make everything run so smoothly. If we throw another big party in the future we’ll be sure to get in touch again.
Thanks & good look with the business for the future,
Best wishes
Paul & Lin Round

Hi Lucian!
We all greatly appreciated your splendid canapes and lunch yesterday – superb preparation of delicious, interesting dishes and effective and friendly service by Pascal. All in all : perfect! The whole occasion was a great happy success which we enjoyed so much, and I know that hosts Pilar and Vince very much enjoyed having you both in their house. All my family were very impressed and pleased with your cuisine and the friendly way you worked in the midst of family!
You did a truly great job: thank you again.
Happy New Year!
Julian Darley

Just a note to say thank you very much for everything on Saturday. You were wonderful. I’ve recommended you to all of my colleagues in the events team and I’m sure more business will be coming your way.
Kind regards,
Sophie Williams

Hi Lucian
Sorry for the late email, but I wanted to thank you so much for our lovely meal on Saturday 16th May for all us hens.
Everyone commented on how good the food was.
Thank you again and I will be recommending you to friends and family.
Once I have a photo of us all together I will email it across to you.
Take care,
Kelly Watkiss

The food was as usual delicious. My mother-in-law enjoyed all the flavors. Sure made cooking easy for several days. We appreciated all the extras you gave us. There was tons of food and kept us well fed for days. Nathan really really liked your vegetables. Ate so much of it at each meal. He’s a great eater and tries different things. Ate so much of it at each meal. He’s a great eater and tries different things. Unfortunately, Natalie is picky as can be and refuses to try much of anything new. Hope that changes.
There wasn’t anything we didn’t like. I must admit though that the broad beans comfit wasn’t my favorite. Eric enjoyed it though and my mother-in-law thought it was interesting.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Thanks again.
Joy Tan

Just a quick note to say thanks for Saturday, we had a great evening and the food was delicious. It was quite an eye opener to see a proper skilled chef working in your own kitchen!. Since you left before the desserts, I’ve also been asked to pass on that the tiramisu was superb, as was the homemade ice cream. Feel free to use these comments as a testimonial; I’d certainly use you again if the chance arises.
Best wishes,
Mark Taylor

Dear Lucian
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making Saturday night a real success. The food was excellent and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it; we even had all the leftovers yesterday for lunch and dinner.! J, so compliments to the chef!
Once again, it was a pleasure dealing with you and will definitely call whenever we do this again!
Kindest regards

Hi Lucian,
I hope you are recovering well after hard day yesterday. Many thanks for the party. It was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t wish for more. You were fabulous and I am very happy I had a chance to meet you. Guests liked your food very much (you could tell by the amount of the food they’ve eaten) and we were very impressed how easy it is for you to come into someone else’s kitchen and cook.
Well done.Thank you, and I hope we see you again soon (guests already invited themselves for the summer party) if you don’t mind obviously. Have a nice day and good luck with your business.

Good afternoon Lucian!
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful food you provided for our party last Saturday. Everybody commented on how lovely it was and what an inspired menu – so different from other buffets. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to others and would be delighted to act as a reference should you need one.
Once again, very many thanks and I hope to be able to call you again (although not for such a large event!)
Kind regards,

We wanted to send you an e-mail to say what a fantastic evening we had on Saturday and how happy we all were with Nagoo and the food. Nagoo was really polite, friendly and a pleasure to have for the evening. He insisted on serving all the courses so that we could all relax something that we did not expect.
All of the courses were perfectly cooked and most of us decided that the home made pasta was the nicest pasta we had ever tasted. Given the restaurants we have eaten in and the time we have spent in Italy that is a huge compliment. The lamb was also superb.
So thanks to yourself and Nagoo, everyone had an amazing evening and our mothers had fantastic birthdays. We will definitely recommend Nagoo and yourself to any friends who are doing something similar and are sure that we will use you again in the future.
Jo & Mervyn

Dear Lucian and Pascal,
Thank you very much for preparing and serving a very special meal for us and our friends last Saturday. It was a wonderful surprise for me. The food was fantastic and our friends are still raving about the food. It was all fantastic – sea bass is one of my favourites and was delicious but the lamb with morel sauce was just divine too. It was all amazing and beautifully cooked and presented. Thank you for leaving the kitchen so spotlessly clean to. It was a very memorable evening and we all enjoyed ourselves enormously.
I think you will definitely be hearing from us (and some of our friends) in the future.
Kind regards,

Lucian and Pascal,
Thank you very much for Saturday night. The food and service were perfect. Everybody was full of compliments for your food and for Pascal’s service. The whole evening worked perfectly.
Best regards,

I’m back now from hospital after the birth of our baby son, William.
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic evening had by all when you cooked for my mother’s 75th birthday. Thank you and my friends will be bearing you in mind as will we for future evening at home. Many thanks for a creating a wonderful evening for my mother (especially) and others that enjoyed your creations, especially as I was in hospital it worked out perfectly.
Best wishes

First of all a big thank you for your sushi. It was a complete success. Everyone loved it so much! Congratulations! We are definitely ordering sushi from you again as it was very very tasty! Thanks once again!
Kind regards,

Dear Lucian,
Just a short note to thank you again for a tremendous meal last night in Norfolk. As I hope you noticed last night my friends were overwhelmed with the meal you served – the silence during the main course spoke ‘volumes’ as everyone just enjoyed the food. We will definitely be calling again – sometime in the future.

Hi Lucian,
Thank you for this and apologies for not getting back to you sooner!
Thank YOU for preparing and serving the best meal we have ever tasted, everyone could not stop talking about it and discussing which was their favourite course! It was absolutely superb and made our anniversary so special.
if I can be of help to you in any way, please let me know!
I have already passed your name onto somebody.
Every success in all you do!
Kind regards,

Hi hi there,
Thanks a bunch for impressive yesterday’s evening sea food party. I’ve got very positive feedback from my friends and especially from my girlfriend. I don’t know if that were oysters, octopus or one of those fish, but me and my girlfriend missed the today’s day work. Now I’m far from opinion that the best aphrodisiac is a long absence of each other, if you know what I mean. Next time we’ll do the party on Friday or Saturday, if you don’t mind. Well done. Bless you heart, son.
Much obliged,

Just back from our trip to Utah skiing and wanted to thank you and of course Jay for the most successful Christmas day dinner – we were all so impressed with absolutely everything and will be recommending your services to EVERYONE. A very happy and prosperous New Year to you both.
Lyndsay Westwood

Dear Lucian,
Hope you are well and have recovered from your hard work. The ’French-English’ family lunch that you prepared for us will definitively remain in our memories. It was a great occasion. Everyone, including the children, enjoyed with great appetite all your delicious and tasty dishes. From the succulent pan-fried wild sea bass and flavorsome filet of lamb, to the mouth-watering dessert, our plates were always returned empty to the kitchen!
Your cooking reaches a very high standard and quality and it was a pleasure to have you with us. You will definitively come back!
Many, many thanks for having contributed to such a lovely family event.
Warmest wishes
Isabelle & Andrew Wardlow

What delicious food!!!! Thank you, Lucian.
I had a horrible migraine in the afternoon and still managed to not only eat too much but to enjoy myself enormously. The little lamb was so delicious too! Alex did a wonderful job. The tables looked great and his service was impeccable. I also very much appreciate the lovely clean kitchen. Many many thanks. I hope tonight goes well for you all. Have a wonderful holiday season and see you in the New Year.
Terry Sammons
Ps. Debbie so enjoyed her gluten free fare. Mickey ended up eating everything as it was too delicious and tempting!!

Hello Lucian,
Very many thanks for the superb food at my birthday parties.
All my guests were very impressed and I am sure there will be some contacts coming through.
Please pass on my thanks to your efficient and professional team.
Kind regards,
Linda Smith

Dear Lucian & Pascal,
Thank you so much for such a delicious meal and making the dinner party such a wonderful, memorable event. Thanks also for turning out on such an awful night. Jonathan really enjoyed it and it’s certainly the best way to entertain. I hope you reached home safely and look forward to using your wonderful service again.
Take care and have a great Christmas.
Kim Lee

Hello Lucian,
Thanks for your cooking on Saturday. Superb!
Our guests all phoned the day after to say how much they had enjoyed the occasion and in particular the food and the service provided by butler Alex.
Please thank Alex for us.
If we do this again you are the only chef on our list.
Best wishes,
Con & Kay Scratcher

A belated thank you from Sarah and I for organising a super event for us last week. All of our guests have written to say what a great night it was, and for us the pleasure was sharing it with the rather than cooking all evening. Instead, we enjoyed great food ourselves with them which was a joy.
Thanks again and I hope we can find cause to get in touch and see if you can help us out again one day.
Best regards,
Lloyd East

Hi Lucian,
I wanted to send you a huge thank you for your services last night. Having you cook for Dom’s 30th made the whole evening special and meant that I didn’t have to worry about cooking/ cleaning but instead could enjoy the night like everyone else. The food was absolutely delicious and Dom even said your sushi was the best he’s ever had. I really don’t have any complaints, it was all brilliant.
Thanks again. Hope the wedding goes well tomorrow.
All the best,
Sophie Han

Dear Lucian.
I just wanted to say what a great job you did. I was so very happy with your work and the guests complimented the food both on the night and yesterday. I would be pleased to write you a review or whatever you would like for wherever you like. Please advise. Also, I would be happy to be a reference should any future clients wish to contact me and discuss. Again, just let me know.
You are a very helpful and thoughtful person and it has been a pleasure to work with you and I already have plans to use you again in the future. I will be in touch in due course.
All the best,

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